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Relais Il Cantico della Natura - Magione

Relais Il Cantico della Natura
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Hospitality is a precious virtue, made up of listening, respect and sharing. Francesco and Monia and their staff will try to give meaning to this phrase with every gesture, this phrase which has guided their work since the beginning of the restoration of the farmhouse.

The choice of local artisans (of whom Luciano Soldati, the oldest, has been a resident and witness to its history) and of materials which have been specifically chosen for the old habitat has allowed them to return to the original splendour without denying themselves the pleasures of the comforts of modern life, in a surprisingly harmonious mix between the internal and external environment, which is entirely uncontaminated.

The two apartments represent the ideal place for families in search of space, comfort and privacy. Located in front of the swimming pool with a splendid panorama of Lake Trasimeno, they allow the continuation of the internal environments and an immediate contact with the outside, for the joy and freedom of the little ones.

Separated and soundproof, but at the same time reunited in a unique environment which allows the realisation of two types of opportunity in relation to different needs:

    * a mini-apartment 2+1 composed of the November room with kitchen and bathroom
    * the Autumn apartment, larger, which is connected to the November room, and the two rooms of December becoming a 6+2, including a kitchen and two bathrooms.

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