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Italy Parks

Thematic Amusement Parks in Italy. The thematic parks are amusement parks with attractions, structures and shows all constructed around an only concept or topic of great spread: film, books, comic strips, historical sagas, ages, atmospheres, etc… the First one in the world was the park Disneyland di Anaheim, in California, centralized on the personages of the Disney comic strips, and then many others followed, or of the Disneyland type or with other topics. In Italy the main thematic parks are two, both in the North: Gardaland, inaugurated in 1975; and Mirabilandia, in 1992. Both parks accommodate million visitors every year and the attractions are the best in Europe, some of them are created only in Italy. Besides these two maxi-parks, are slowly emerging smaller, than however increase every year the number of visitors. Remembering the park Movieland (2003), such the name suggests, it is a park constructed around the concept of the Hollywood kolossal cinematography, and it is part of the complex CanevaWorld Resort. In the 2009 was inaugurated Miragica, situated in Molfetta, Apulia, and it is the most important thematic park of the South. At least are previewed other two openings, in the next few years: the Terramagica park, in Valmontone, and Mediapolis in Piedmont.

Vacations in the Italy Naturalistic Parks. The renewed attention for the atmosphere and the nature, that it blooms in these days and, we augur ourselves taht it grows up in the future, it has pushed to dedicate to us on our site an entire section to beyond 300 regional and national parks that punctuate the Belpaese, included marine parks, reservoirs, oasis, botanists parks and other green areas in Italy. We have realized technical cards detailed of National Parks, Regional Parks, Marine Reservoirs and protect Natural Reservoirs, in which the visitors can admire ecosystems in its thoroughness, the splendid flora and fauna that always contraddistingue our lands. Draft of beyond 320 places, ideals for a trip of little hours that standards the respect for the nature, a real ecological conscience and show fron the young people to the adults, the delicate equilibrium of surviving of plants and animals.

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