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Hotel Pausania Inn - Tempio Pausania

Hotel Pausania Inn
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Immersed in Gallura's landscapes, 30-40 km from the beaches of Northern Sardinia, Pausania Inn is an ideal spot to relax: 63 rooms, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a restaurant and a terrace are here to make your stay memorable
Pausania Inn lies in the outskirts of Tempio Pausania, a small city in Northern Sardinia...  Inside you'll find comfortable common spaces - such as the lounge and the loft -, a large restaurant specialized in local and national cuisine, a bar, and more than 60 rooms with modern comfort.

Pausania Inn  has a lovely outdoor swimming pool, which is suitable for adults and young children alike, and a tennis court, which can be illuminated upon request for those warm summer evenings.

Enjoy the cool summer evenings and beautiful panorama from our terrace, that looks over the jagged granite mountains of Aggius.

At Pausania Inn we can organize all sorts of excursions with expert guides. You will be able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our Inn, our chef's excellent cuisine, and the beautiful and often wild nature Sardinia is known for. We can organize expeditions on mountain bike, 4x4's, horseback. Sailing and kayaking are also options. These outings will take you to nearby destinations such as the granite cliffs of Aggius, Mount Limbara, the so-called Moon Valley, the archipelago of La Maddalena (Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli), the Coghinas river.

 There are many different kinds of rooms at Pausania Inn, so much so that there are hardly two rooms that look exactly the same.  We have made an effort to meet the needs of  families, couples, singles, groups of friends, the physically challenged.  Some rooms have a terrace, others a small garden, a few have an independent entrance, and so on.  Naturally, they all have a complete bathroom, a television set, heat and air conditioning. 

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