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Monaco Sport Hotel - Santo Stefano di Cadore

Monaco Sport Hotel
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Nestled among the Dolomite groups of Popera north and south of the Val Brentoni Comelico extends along the basin of the river Piave and Padola, including five municipalities: S. Stefano di Cadore, S. Pietro di Cadore, Comelico Superiore, S. Nicholas of Comelico and Danta di Cadore.

Everywhere the landscape is lush with flora and vegetation, meadows and forests vast, echoing the familiar expression Carducci's "Green Comelico": nature is still untouched, which is the highest expressions in Val Visdende and Valgrande. Hiking in the summer, sports, entertainment, parties and possibilities to practice winter alpine and nordic skiing, dog sledding skating: all this and more Comelico the actor, with its valleys rich in history and traditions. Among these stands out the "Maskarade" Carnival Ladino starring the happy mask Matazin.

In the hotel you can also find the new Spa with many treatments: massage, shower stream, tropical rain, Finnish Sauna, Calidarium,, whirlpool, relaxation area and solarium UVA, etc. ....

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