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Hotel Holiday - Praiano

Hotel Holiday
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Greetings and welcome to the Holiday Hotel Praiano – if you're looking to spend some invaluable time unwinding in one of Italy's most idyllic spots, then rest assured it's all just waiting for you at the Holiday Hotel in the picturesque coastal town of Praiano, nestled between the cliffs and winding roads along the world-renowned Amalfi Coast. When picturing the Amalfi Coast, many travellers and holiday makers immediately think of Amalfi itself, as well as the romantic setting of Positano. Well Praiano is a lesser known gem just waiting to be discovered, positioned almost equidistant between the two. Whereas both Positano and Amalfi both receive large numbers of tourists during their peak seasons, Praiano benefits from being slightly less known and therefore more personal.

Here at the Holiday Hotel, Praiano, we take great pride in offering you everything you might need on your vacation. As much as possible we've tried to envisage what would make your stay as pleasant as possible and designed this 3 star Amalfi Coast hotel and its facilities around that. To that end we've paid particular attention to detail throughout the building, which is rarely found in similar hotels. Each room is beautifully designed with special care on making the best of the unique light that kisses this coastline all year round. The rooms' design best utilises this invaluable quality with generous windows and balconies, but also allows you total privacy thanks to its blinds, if the midday heat is overwhelming and you desire the peace and quiet for a siesta! Not only are the rooms bright but we've also made sure that in the hot summer months they can be breezy too. Open up the windows and doors to your balcony and let the delightful smells and sounds of the Mediterranean flood in...

The aquamarine waters are visible from every room at the Holiday Hotel, Praiano and you'll soon appreciate the calming nature of this exceptional coastline. Our attention to detail extends to each room, with individual hand-made floors crafted of stunning majolica tiles delivered from the nearby town of Vietri. These traditional floors are wonderfully complemented by the use of contemporary furniture to give you all the modern conveniences amongst an historic setting. Every room has its own private bathroom, complete with hairdryer as well as heating, should you feel the need.

In addition, all rooms offer you the benefit of personally controlled air-conditioning so you can have the desired temperature, no matter what it’s like outside. Thankfully whatever the midday heat, this coastline is blessed with a natural sea breeze which can often prove a welcome respite from comparable inland temperatures.

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