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Foro Appio Mansio Hotel - Borgo Faiti

Foro Appio Mansio Hotel
http://img.informavacanze.it/img/structures/1549/4de375fb6a5b3_foro.jpg/93/56http://img.informavacanze.it/img/structures/1549/4de3761d17ad3_foro1.jpg/93/56http://img.informavacanze.it/img/structures/1549/4de376445d1cd_foro2.jpg/93/56http://img.informavacanze.it/img/structures/1549/4de3768431513_foro3.jpg/93/56Centro Prenotazioni Telefoniche

It’s origins are connected to the Via Appia’s history, the “Regina Viarum” built in 312 BC by the censor Appius Claudius to ensure quick and direct communication between Rome and Capua. Founded as a forum ( in ancient Rome: a public place where meetings were held and important public issues discussed) in time, due to the introduction and enforcement of the latifundium which damaged smallholders, and thanks to its strategic position, only two days travel from Rome, it became a very important Mansio (a way station with the possibility of accomodation and services to travellers). In the past, Foro Appio was both spectator and participant to the passage of great figures of history. The poet Orazio mentions Foro Appio in his V Satire describing the feeling of unity and friendship one felt when wayfarers travelling through the Pontina lowland, at the time still marshland, stopped there to rest.

The Sacred Scriptures give us an account of the meeting between Saint Paul and the Christian community which occurred precisely at Foro Appio (Act Ap.XXXVIII). The enchantment of Foro Appio was subsequently felt by Valadier, skilled architect to Pope Braschi (Pio the 6th), who expands the original building and transforms it into a magnificent dwelling composed of three floors featuring eaves, mouldings and string courses of exquisite workmanship. Centuries of history, dramatic events and temporary revivals have accompanied Foro Appio to today, giving us a modern chapter of ancient history.

    38 rooms:
    5 suite (2 with fireplace)
    5 junior suite
    1 suite superior (with fireplace)
    3 single French beds
    24 junior suite depandance
*    Swimming Pool
*    Relax SPA
    All rooms are equipped with: SKY satellite TV, air conditioning, jacuzzi bath or shower, direct dial telephone, high-speed internet access ADSL, mini-bar.

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