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Hotel l'Ariana - Leni

Hotel l'Ariana
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L'Ariana is a small rock lost in the blue of the sea of Salina, sometimes visible only for a thin fuzzy in the sea.

Amongst many legends that are told about this little gem there is the one of the pirate El Larian, defeated by this rock; a silent and almost invisible presence. In front of this rock there is a beautiful villa, unique in its own kind, that will welcome you with the joy and the glow of good hospitality and the delicious fragrance of excellent local cuisine, typical of the tradition of Salina. This villa, converted into Hotel two generations ago and still managed by the same family, has a great location with the main terrace that access directly to the sea and the beautiful view of Lipari and Vulcano islands.

Framed of fascinating heads (Mamoni) that represent warrior priests that protect from evil, the hotel offers to their guests not only a pleasant and relaxing holiday but also an hint of true Aeolian history.

L' Ariana, fascinating villa of the beginning of the last century, is located upon a cliff above the sea of Rinella reflecting his silhouette in a bay in the south part of the island of Salina.

The hotel has kept a characteristic atmosphere of past time, keeping the thick walls and deep windows of the original building intact. The rooms are welcoming and comfortable, all provided with bathroom, telephone and frigo-bar.

Set in the deep colours of the Mediterranean countryside, with an air bringing the scent of sea and brooms the hotel will welcome you with its simple but accurate comfort.

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