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Calabria Holiday, Capo Vaticano Sea Coast Vacations


Calabria Holiday Capo Vaticano coast Sea Holidays Guide. Vacations in Calabria Guide Travel accommodation reservation Calabria. The Calabria offers an uncontaminated sea, long white beaches, thousand shadings sunsets, splendid scenary, art cities, museums with archaeological interesting pieces, culture and folklore. With its extremly various territory, Calabria makes it possible within short distances, to enjoy its beaches and in a few kilometers to be in the coolness of its green mountains, watching in the morning the sunrise from the Ionian sea and in the evening watching the sunset in the Tyrrhenian sea.

On the Tyrrhenian coastline are located Capo Vaticano, Tropea, Ricadi, Pizzo, Amantea, Diamante, Scalea, Praia al Mare. On the Ionic coastline there are: Sibari, Cariati, Crotone, Capo Rizzuto and Soverato. Calabria is above all an immense region, landscape and cultural traditions; it is well-lnown all over the world.


Calabria Holidays Guide. Vacations in Calabria. Guide Travel accommodation reservation Calabria Guides.

The receptive structures for tourists are numerous: hotel, lodges, luxury hotels, villages, residence, holiday farms, etc.

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The Calabria region is located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula and it is bound from two seas: Tyrrhenian to west and the Ionic to east. The Calabrian coast starting from Nicotera to Pizzo, crossing some of the most beautiful and evocative tourist resorts of Calabria: Joppolo, Coccorino, Ricadi, San Nicolò di Ricadi, Santa Domenica, Tropea, Parghelia, Zambrone Vibo Marina, Pizzo are between the most exclusive sea resorts of the entire tourist Calabria. Calabria is famous for the diversity of the beaches and the sea, from the whitest sand of Nicotera Marina to teeming with cliffs of Joppolo and Coccorino, still continuing between alternating, changing landscapes. In all these resorts there are optimal hotels, villages, residence, camping, restaurants that will allow you to spend unforgettable holidays. Don't miss the uncontaminated sea, the long beaches, the sunsets, the monuments, handmade pieces and the characteristic “murales”(mural painting) that colours the entire country. Reggio Calabria with its Archaeological Museum; the tirrenian and ionic shoreline; Capo Rizzuto; the plateau of the Sila; the Aspromonte.

The art and the folklore
Capo Vaticano with its beautiful beaches

Tyrrhenian Coast: the Tyrrhenian shoreline of the Calabria Region begins from Scalea and catches up the area of Reggio Calabria alternating different sceneries, which embrace all the possible types of beaches, from the wide and sandy ones, to those of pure cliff to peak on the sea. There are optimal points of departure, Diamante and Falerna, if you want to discover the province of Cosenza and Catanzaro. The fascinating nature, joint to the artistic-architectonic beauties is represented by three centers of Tropea, San Nicolò di Ricadi and Capo Vaticano. Relevant for its natural beauties and the important tourist activity is the city of Palmi.

Ionic coast
The Calabrian Ionic coast is more than 400 km long and is the theatre of wonderful coastal scenes. Wide beaches follow wonderful reefs. The main city of this territory is called Capo Rizzuto. Here the sea is shrewdly safeguarded from laws, proclaiming it a protect natural reserve. Other ideal cities if you want to visit the Ionic coast are Sellia, Coprani and Torre Melissa. For the people who love dipping in green areas, Simeri Crichi highly recommended.

Amantea (CS)
Amantea rises between two evocative capes, one to south, the other to north. Important bathing center, natural outlet of many small countries of its immense innenland. The town is mostly famous for the long resistance of its inhabitants against the French troops under Joseph Bonaparte who, in 1806-1807, attempted to conquer its castle.

Brancaleone (RC)
Brancaleone rises on the ruins of the ancient Sperlonga. The first families moved here from the ancient upper Brancaleone, whose ancient remains can be admired. In this city, during the fascist period, the Italian writer Cesare Pavese was confined. Brancaleone has wonderful beahces. That's why it's one of the most popular tourist bathing centre of the Ionic area.

Briatico (VV)
Briatico is a charming bathing resort, famous for its splendid beach, that partially takes up the Golf of Lamezia Terme and the archipelago of the Aeolian islands. Briatico is made up of beaches, reefs and bays, among them the beach of “Trainiti” and “Baia di Safo'”, the reef called “Cocca”, the beaches of “San Giuseppe” and “Sant' Irene”.

Capo Rizzuto (CZ)
The city has received a remarkable economic benefit from the tourism, stimulating the construction of tourist villages and lodges near the beautiful beaches of the cape. The Fortress Le Castella, small seafaring village few km far from Island Capo Rizzuto, rises majestic and imposing at the oriental extremity of the Golfo Squillace. The Castella is today a well known tourist resort, full of lodges and villages and of restaurants. The typical food is worth a visit, above all the extraordinary fish dishes.

Capo Vaticano (VV)
Capo vaticano lies at the feet of Monte Poro, between the localities of Briatico and Tropea. Capo Vaticano is one of the most appreciated and evocative tourist resort of the province of Vibo Valentia. Today Capo Vaticano is considered one of the international most attended tourist resorts, with its numerous villages, lodges, houses and villas, the restaurants, that offer the best of the Calabrian traditional kitchen.

Catanzaro, also known as "the city of the two seas", has survived to two earthquakes in 1638 and 1783, and it has been completely rebuilt in 1870. For this reason the historical center has a rather modern aspect. Catanzaro rises on rocks between two deep torrents Fiumarella and Musofalo. It has a dominant position in the center of the Calabria.

Diamante (CS)
Diamante offers its visitors an incredible number of tourist attractions in a splendid frame of extraordinary nature. The Diamante citron, known worldwide, take its name from the town. From this lemon comes an optimal production of essences, liqueurs and candies.

Diamante Cirella (CS)
The evocative ruins of the old Cirella rise on a hill. The island Marina Cirella is less than a km of circumference. The sandy beach is surely a delicious place for tanning and relax.

Guardia Piemontese (CS)
Guardia Piemontese is a well known tourist resort with its thermal baths (Terme Luigiane).

Palmi (RC)
Palmi, tourist resort few kilometers far from Reggio Calabria, with its 19,000 inhabitants, is a city whose economy is based on trade. Few km far from the plane of Gioia Tauro, Palmi rises on the coast facing the Tyrrhenian sea, with the spectacular panorama of the Sicily that appears beyond the sea. The lido of Palmi is particularly known for its beach.

Paola (CS)
Paola rises on a mountain terrace and upon the savage sea.

Reggio Calabria has been founded in 743 a.C. and it is the largest city of the Calabria, conserving the great splendours of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine period. The city is very welcoming and boasts a mild climate all year long. Reggio Calabria in its modernity is well connected to the rest of Italy from the railway, the port and the airport. If you come to Reggio Calabria lot's of places are worth a visit: the Dome, entirely rebuilt after the earthquake in 1908, the Aragonese Castle, the Ancient ruins of the Terms, the National Museum with the two statues of Bronzi di Riace, representing two Greek fighters.

Ricadi (VV) Ricadi is a small rural town. The three bays of Grotticelle ("little caves") are the most famous and most evocative bathing places of the municipality of Ricadi, in Calabria and they are linked with Cape Vatican. Smaller, more remote and evocative beaches can be reached from Grotticelle.

Scalea (CS) Almost 20 km south of Praia a Mare we find this beautiful resort. On the hills of the ancient Scalea, the new city is full of lodges, beaches, restaurants and bars. The beach extends for 3 km and is 200 m wide. Worth a visit: the Lucana necropolis on the road heading Verbicaro. The local wines, the cheese, the sauseges and the fish dishes are marvellous!

Sellia Marina (CZ) Sellia Marina is a bathing center close to Catanzaro lido. It has a wide and sandy beach. Near the city there is a transmission system of the NATO. Worth a visit in its outskirts are: Villa Schipani, the original construction of the XVII century.

Torre Melissa (KR) Melissa is a typical example of feudal village, surrounded by town-walls. It's possible to admire the ruins of the castle. The feud of the Campitelli family had on the sea a point of force to defend the city againts the attacks of the Turks: the Tower, the only example of a great circular tower.

Tropea (VV) Unique pearl of the Calabrian tourism, Tropea conserves consisting ancient traces in its historical center, one of most characteristic in the region. Tropea is one of the most famous bathing resort. It can boast the title of “holidays capital”, because of its sea, its white beaches, equipped with bathing establishments, tourist villages and hotel, residence, restaurants.

Reggio Calabria - Season at the Cilea Theatre
Paola - Organo Festival
Catanzaro - Giorgio De Chirico. The Enigma and the Gloria
Spilinga – Nduja Festival
Vibo Valentia Marina – motor-bike rally LIONS OF CALABRIA
Catanzaro - Solid Rock
Tropea - Solid rock
Cosenza - Festival of the Invasions
Scilla - Festivity of San Rocco
Scilla – Festival del pesce spada


Sarde di Scapece: Fried Mediterranean blue fish with bread-crumbs, parsley, garlic, oil and balsamic vinegar.
Pitta: a kind of pizza flavoured with fresh tomatoes, spicy peppers, anchovies and oil or with hard boiled eggs, annealed, provola, parts of pig and chilli pepper.
Lasagne: backed Pasta with meat, hard eggs, scamorza, mozzarella and pecorino.
Morseddu: Trippa and frattaglie cooked in red wine, tomato and chilli pepper.
Mostaccioli: Cakes made with flour, honey and anise.

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