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Basilicata Holidays, Sassi Matera Vacations


Basilicata Holidays Guide. Vacations in Basilicata, Basilicata sea, mountain and art cities, Sassi Matera; accommodation Basilicata  Guides. Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, Coast Holidays in Basilicata Vacations.The Basilicata lies between Puglia, Campania and Calabria and offers a various territory for your informal holidays, boasting a pristine nature. The region is mainly composed by mountains and hills, bathed from the Tirrennia and the Ionian seas and boasts a great variety of landscapes. Basilicata is the crossway for numerous people from different cultures. Obvious traces in the art, the architecture, the popular traditions, the way of speaking and even in the gastronomic survive. The Basilicata boasts locations of great historical interest: in the first instance Sassi of Matera, the evocative city of the stones and then Potenza the main city of the region, and also Melfi, well known for the castle, the favourite residence of Federico II, Metaponto on the Ionic sea heir of the ancient important Greek colony from which conserve important vestigial, and the famous Maratea on the tirenic shoreline. There are lots of accommodations, specific for every type of tourists requirements, all the services and the comfort necessary in order to be able to spend a holiday in hotel, residence and village. The Basilicata, the ancient Lucania, is a region surrounded by two seas. To the west, between Campania and Calabria, it is bathed by the Tyrrhenian sea, on whose steep and rocky coasts shows itself, simply and with the uncontaminated purity of the region to which it belongs, that pearl of the seaside tourism that is Maratea. On the south it is bathed from the Ionian sea. The coast is approximately forty kilometers long with the most fine sand beaches studded with hotels and tourist equipments in continuous development: Lido di Metaponto, di Scanzano, Policoro, Nova Siri. In the Pianura di Metaponto you can see the imposing remains of the Greek civilization created in its colonial expansion between the VIII and Vth century v.Ch. It is crossed from north to south from the Lucano Apennine, whose mountains don’t exceed the two thousand meters, exception made for the Pollino Massiccio, at the border with Calabria, and for the Sirino, to SW.

Tourist Routes in Basilicata

The Sassi of Matera;
the National Park of the Pollino.

Sassi Matera

The city of Matera rises in a characteristic landscape, with cliffs to a deep ravine, under which flows the Gravina torrent. A well-known tourist attraction are "The Sassi and the park of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera", that the Unesco has recognized as “patrimony of the humanity to hand on to the future generations”. Matera's Sassi are the best surviving and most complete examples of rock-cut settlement in the Mediterranean region. They have been developed in close harmony with the natural environments. Around Matera, in the Murgia, lies the Park of the Rupestrian Churches. There's also the church of S. Francesco d' Assisi, in the public square and the church of San Domenico, in the public square Vittorio Veneto. On a hill not far outside the historical center rises the Tramontano castle. Not far away there is the National Archaeological Museum D. Ridola, built on the former monastery of Santa Chiara. On 2nd July, since 1389, the festivity of the Madonna della Bruna has been celebrated.

The Ionian Coastline

The Ionian coast extends itself for about 35 km, from Metaponto to Nova Sires. The plain from the low materanese hills towards the ionian sea, offers to the visitor vaste areas of smooth golden sand, wide sandy beaches and stones in the south coast, facing the National Park of the Pollino. Here, in the VIII century v.Ch., the cities of the Megale Hellas (Magna Greece): Metaponto, Heraclea (today Policoro), Siris and Pandosia were built. These cities, which were scene of terrible battles, like the one of Pirro against the Romans, gave hospitality to Pitagora. The signs of this important historical phase are visible in the archaeological diggings of Metaponto and Policoro and in their important museums, so rich of pieces that, although the large expository space, they don’t succeed to find a place for them all.

Thyrrenian Coast

The Basilicata tirrenic coast extends for approximately 30 km between Crivi, Acquafredda, and the Beach “della Gnola”, towards south of Castrocucco. Through Trecchina, the green landscape suddenly dives itself into the sea. Small bays, capes, half islands break off the intense blue of this drawn of Tirrenian sea. Maratea, scattered on the mountains and along the coast, seems to be there for a long time. A marvellous paradise landscape is offered to the tourist sight. Maratea, a characteristic medieval village, is the ideal place to take a walk and it offers, next to the possibility of shopping, a series of cultural initiatives of international level: art exhibitions, classical music and jazz concerts and folkloristic manifestations. There are many possibilities of excursions on all the territory of the Basilicata. An other famous characteristic of Maratea is the cyclopean statue of the Cristo Redentore, 21m high, that dominates, from the mountain of S. Biagio, a panoramic place from which the sight embraces the whole coast and a part of the inner region. The hotel offer in Basilicata is truly remarkable: Hotels that can satisfy your requirements, Residence, Villages, holiday farms for holidays and weekends. Unforgettable the restaurants, in which you will be able to taste the Basilicata traditional dishes.

Events in Basilicata

2nd July Festivity of the Madonna della Bruna in Bernalda - Metaponto (MT): Theatre show “the nights of the Magna Greece”. Great artists of international reputation exhibit themselves on a theatre scene for the pleasure of the tourists;
Scanzano Jonico (MT): November - the festivity of the wine and the new oil;
8 Decembers: Gastronomic festivity of the “Pettolata”;
Maratea: Marajazz, international festival of jazz;
Potenza: Every year in Potenza, between May and June, various initiatives in order to celebrate a true and own “festivity of the city”are celebrated. The citizens are involved in different cultural activities and fun;
Saint Severino Lucano (PZ) - July - the Madonna of the Pollino is one of the most important festivities of the calabro-lucana mountain.

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