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Abruzzo Holiday, Vacation in Adriatic Sea Coast Abruzzo


Abruzzo Holidays Guide, Adriatic Sea and Mountains for Vacation in Abruzzi. Italy Guide travel accommodation reservation Abruzzi Guides.  In the Abruzzo region, even the more descerning guest succeeds in finding an amazing possibility to every kind of vacation expectation: wide white sand beaches like Martinsicuro, Alba Adriatica, Tortoreto, Giulianova, Silvi Pescara, Vasto, Ortona, cliffs over the Adriatic sea, little mountain lakes, art cities, thermal and archaeological places; and then the national park of Abruzzi, the regional parks and the wildlife reserves. And all these attractions are available for visits: from the coastlines to the the Appennino's peaks, Gran Sasso and Maiella, which are full of snow in winter, so that it is possible to ski until May. Abruzzi, risen from the sea in geologically recent ages, extends itself through extraordinary fascinating atmospheres, impressing guests while discovering the provinces of Teramo, Aquila and Chieti. Vacation in Abruzzo Sea and Mountains Abruzzo Holidays Guide. Italy Guide travel accommodation reservation Abruzzo Guides. For your holidays, the Abruzzi region has got modern hotel structures and extra-hotel, hotel, 3 stars and 4 stars hotels, well-equipped and comfortable tourist villages, apartments and residence, with excellent restaurants, trattorias, farm holidays and entertaining places for tourists. The Abruzzi sea is diversified: to the north you'll find low shoreline with sand, to the south the coast becomes more irregular, with beaches, rocks and headlands. The "Sette Sorelle" of Teramo, from Martinsicuro to Silvi Marina, the Pescarese and Francavilla al Abruzzi offer high level receptive structures, tourist attractions and a modern tourist port in Pescara. Heading south the scene is completely different: from Ortona until Vasto and S.Salvo, unexpected little bays, the so-called "calette", alternate to wide areas framed with mediterranean flora. The Abruzzi coast, particularly suitable for families in search of a calm vacation, has been made much more attractive thanks to a large variety of accomodations, restaurants and clubs. If you are searching a sport holiday, you can practice sailing, windsurf, canoe and fishing.

Tourist routes in Abruzzo

National Park of Abruzzi;
Roccaraso and its ski area;
The Byzantines Museum of Abruzzo and the Medieval Museum in Crecchio;
The procession of the "squilla" in Lanciano (Chieti province) with the ritual of exchanging the Christmas wishes when the bell sounds;
The Pesocostanzo and Scanno's goldsmithes;
The Abruzzi gastronomy and its typical products: the cheese (caciocavallo), the saffron, the legumes, the d.o.c. wines like the Trebbiano.


The Abruzzi coastline is divided into three distinct areas: the Teramo coast, the Pescara coast and the Chieti coast. In the north you can find sandy beaches and the sea that slowly dips; in the south, on the contrary, the coast is animated with golfs and coves. The Abruzzi shoreline is the ideal place for family holidays. Optimal and diversified tourist infrastructures offer lots of possibilities: relax, wellness, sports or nocturnal life. Numerous festivities and festivals animate all the Abruzzi cities .


Alba Adriatica (TE) Alba Adriatica is a beach resort, prized with three flags in the Legambiente's Guida Blu and Bandiera Blu of the beaches 2005. Alba Adriatica is the heart of the Teramo coastline and rises in the Vibrata valley, about 10 kilometers south of the regional border with the region Marche. Alba Adriatica is one of the most equipped resorts along the Abruzzi coast (it has 54 lodges, 3 holiday camps and 29 beach resorts). The small city has a train station; the nearest exit of the A14 highway is the one of Val Vibrata, situated at 319km, between the stations of Teramo-Giulianova and San Benedetto del Tronto.

Giulianova (TE) The most populated city of the Teramo coastline is situated on the Adriatic waters between the the Salinello and the Tordino rivers, and it offers to the tourists a wide range of 40 lodges, 6 holiday camps and 11 beach resorts, including a covered swimming pool and other sport facilities. There is also a tourist port. If you are interested in art, you can visit the Duomo di San Flaviano, the sanctuary of the Maria Santissima dello Splendore and the church of S. Maria a Mare. Giulianova has a train station; the nearest exit in the A14 highway is the one of Teramo-Giulianova. The A14 and the national road 80 make it easier to reach the resort if you come from Rome. On the opposite direction, the same roads allow tourists to visit the historical centre of Teramo, the Grand Sasso and the "Monti della Laga" (a mountain range in the centrals Appennines).

Martinsicuro and Villa Rosa di Martinsicuro (TE) For those who enter in the Abruzzi from the national Adriatic street or the A14 and Martinsicuro, Martinsicuro will welcome you. The history of the small city is bound to the river that marks the border with the Marches region. At the mouth of the Tronto there was until 1438 the port of Castro Truentino, an ancient place built on the close hill of the Civita. Nowadays it is possible to see, on the river, the big tower of Martinsicuro. The resort has about 20 lodges, 5 holiday camps, 10 beach resorts and some holiday farms. There is also a tourist port. The closest train stations are those in Alba Adriatica and in Porto di Ascoli. The nearest A14 freeway exit is the one of San Benedetto del Tronto.

Montesilvano (PE) Physically connected to Pescara, the seaside resort Montesilvano rises on the coastline at the mouth of the Saline river, and it is one of the most appreciated and attended place of the Abruzzi, thanks to the ease of access and the proximity to the numerous attractions of the main city. Equipped with 25 lodges, 2 holiday camps and 17 beach resorts, Montesilvano has an own traistation. The A14 exit Pescara Nord - Città Sant' Angelo is easy to reach.

Pescara (PE) Pescara is the administrative and trading heart of the region. Pescara is the most populated city of the Abruzzi and it is also an optimal seaside resort, thanks to the marvellous ten kilometres long beach, the city centre and the near pine-forest. Of great interest, there are also the museums and the theatre, musical and cultural manifestations, such as the International Festival of Jazz and the Flaiano Prize, that brighten up the Pescarese summer. The resort is equipped with 30 lodges, a camping and 80 beach resorts, counting 6 nautical circles, 4 covered swimming pools and, above all, the Marine tourist port of Pescara, the most important port of the Abruzzi coastline. The ciy has two trainstations (long distance trains stop at Pescara Central Station) and an airport. If you arrive along A14, you can choose between the exit of Pescara Nord - Sant' Angelo, Pescara-Chieti and Pescara Sud-Francavilla. If you come from Rome, you should take A25 Pescara-Villanova exit.

Silvi Marina (TE) At the feet of the evocative hills of Sant' Angelo and Atri city, Silvi Marina is another of the most appreciated seaside resorts of the region because the ease of access from Pescara. Highly equipped with 30 lodges, 3 holiday camps and 25 beach resorts, Silvi Marina has one train station. The A14 closest exits are Atri-Pineto and Pescara Nord-Sant'Angelo.

Pineto (TE) Pineto is a well-known resort among Abruzzi's tourists, thanks to its shadowy pine-forest that separates the city from the beach. This famous seaside resort has a group of 40 lodges and 5 holiday camps. The city has a modern aspect. But if you head the inside region, approximately for about 9 km, you can reach Atri, one of the most interesting Abruzzi's historical centres, with its splendid cathedral. Between Pineto and Silvi Marina you'll see the elegant Torre di Cerrano, the most famous coast fortress of Abruzzi. Pineto has a train station and its A14 exit is at Atri-Pineto.

Roseto (TE) Between the mouths of the Tordino and Vomano rivers, the coast of Roseto is one of the most appreciated and attended of the Abruzzi coast. It has about 10 km of beautiful sandy beaches. Roseto has a train station and its own exit in A14. The receptive structures include a group of 40 lodges, 11 camps, some agrotourism (farm houses)and 5 beach resorts. There is also a tourist port. The national road 150, that follows the Vomano Valley, makes it easy to access the Gran Sasso mountain. Roseto, like the close Giulianova, can be easily reached from Rome driving along the A24.

Tortoreto Lido (TE) North of the Salinello's mouth, the wonderful seaside resort of Tortoreto Lido is only 3 km far from the historical center of Tortoreto. The churches of S. Maria della Misericordia and of S. Agostino have to be seen. There are 30 lodges, 2 camps and the 16 beach resorts and some agrotourism. They all contribute in making it one of the most equipped resorts of this coast area. Tortoreto Lido has a trainstation. The closest A14 exit is Teramo-Giulianova.

Vasto Marina (CH) At the southern side of the Abruzzi coast, Vasto gains its notoriety due to its history, the monuments (Palazzo D’Avalos with the Museo Civico, the cathedral , the churches S. Maria Maggiore, del Carmine, di S. Antonio e di S. Pietro) and its traditional gastronomy. It is worth to visit the seaside of Vasto, which is the largest and most various of the region and so appreciated by the tourists. At south est from the historical center the nice sandy beach of Marina di Vasto reaches the Trigno mouth. In the north of the city, there are the beach of Santa Maria della Penna and the rocky coast of Punta Aderci. There are 40 hotels, some agrotourism, 8 camps and 7 lidos; there is also a swimmingpool and a tourist harbour. The train station is at Vasto Marina, close to the beach. If you come from the A14, you should exit at Vasto Nord or Vasto Sud-Montenero.

San Salvo Marina (CH) San salvo Marina can bee seen from the mouth of the Trigo and in the proximity with Molise region. This quiet resort is on a nice sandy coast and has hotels, holiday camps. From the innerside the main cities of the region can be reached. The nearest train station is at Vasto-San Salvo. If you come from the A14, you should exit at Vasto Sud-Montenero.

Casalbordino (CH) Not far from where the Sinello flows into the sea, the quiet lido resort of Castelbordino with its nice sandy beach, has the best point from where you can reach the spectacular rocky coast of Punta Aderci. The resort has 5 hotes and 3 lidos. In the innerside there are: the historical centrum of Casalbordino (7 km from the beach), the sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli and the ruins of the Benedictine abbey from S. Stefano in Rinomare. The lido of Casalbordino has a train station. The nearest A14 exit is Vasto Nord.

The National Park of Abruzzo

Holidays in Abruzzi, the best offers for National Park of Abruzzi. Among the Italian National Parks, the importance of the Abruzzi one is linked to the importance of its fauna. Here, and in other few areas in Europe, it is possible to admire bears, lynxes, wolves and royal eagles in freedom. Guided visits to the park are highly recommended. You can leave from one of the most well-known centers of the area: Pescasseroli or Scanno.


Pescasseroli (AQ) Pescasseroli is situated in the Alta Valle del Sangro. It is the more important center of the National Park of Abruzzo. It offers various possibilities for a winter holiday: 14 ski tracks, modern lifts, rings for the cross country ski and an infinity of paths to cover in harmony with the nature. For the summer vacations you will be able to spend marvellous days surrounded by the nature. The Hotels of this area will satisfy every your requests.

Scanno (TE) This wonderful and unpolluted corner of Abruzzi has been suggested in the guide “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”. The tourist will be able to organize an ideal holiday closed to the nature, enjoying a pleasant and relaxing stay, dipped into the spell of the nature, encircled from mountains. In the city and its surroundings you will be able to find numerous solutions in order to pass a holiday or only an pleasant weekend: hotel, residence, holiday camp , optimal restaurants!

The Province of Teramo

The Province of Teramo has in its sea and its wide beaches the best recall for the tourist, requesting beauty and rest, healthy air and diversity of offers. The Teramo coast is studded from wonderful tourist localities like Alba Adriatica, Tortoreto Lido, Giulianova, Pineto, Martinsicuro and Silvi. Important gastronomic routes accompany the tourist inside Teramo. Important to metion is Civitella del Tronto for its Fortress and in the south of the Teramo coast Silvi Alta , where you will be able to acquire the best eno-gastronomic products of Abruzzi.

Events in Abruzzo

January at Rivisondoli (Aq) living Christmas native scene, with hundreds of figuring actors in an extraordinary natural contest.
February Carnival of Abruzzo at Francavilla al Mare (Ch);
March/April at Vasto (Ch) the thursday of passion: there is the procession of the “Sacred Thorn” - to Lanciano (Ch), L’aquila, Sulmona (Aq), Teramo; choreographic and evocative processions of the saint friday.
May Rocca di Mezzo (Aq): Festivity of the Narcissus. Million narcissus flowers adorn the allegorical wagons in honour of the spring;
June Pilgrimage to the Madonna of the Miracles to Casalbordino (Ch);
July Pescara – Jazz festival, one of the most prestigious entertainments at international level Festivity S. Andrea: procession on the sea and fish tasting. Tagliacozzo - the festival of half summer with shows of theatre, ballet and concerts;
August Fara San Martino (Ch): firework show at the Santo Spirito gorge Racing silk of the barrels to Corropoli (TE) - ceramics Market of Castles (TE) - Scanno (Aq): “The catenaccio”, wedding ceremony ancient evocation;
September the Mastrogiurato to Lanciano: historical evocation in age customs. Festival of the lentils at Santo Stefano di Sessanio (Aq)
October Review of the cooks of the Sangro to the Santa Maria Villa(Ch);
November the festivity in honor of S. Martino carries out in many countries with burlesque processions and new wine assay, like at S. Valentino (Pe). Scanno (Aq): in order to celebrate the New Year's Day peasants set fire the “glories”, high giant beyond 20 meters;
December Exhibition of artistic Christmas native scene at Sulmona, Chieti, L'Aquila, Pescara, Teramo and in other smaller centers.

Abruzzo Typical Dishes:

Spaghetti alla chitarra: Spaghetti flavoured with a gravy of tomato and lamb meat, peppers, garlic, bay and dry white wine.
Arrosticini: realized with castrated meat cooked in coal with salt and oil.
Gnocchetti “to casce and ova”: Small gnocchi flavoured with the same ingredients for Carbonara pasta (eggs, pecorino and bacon).
Scrippelle 'mbusse ": crepes with scamorza and pecorino chees fried and passed in the meat soup.
Toad's tail with rosemary: Fried tail of toad fish with garlic and rosemary.
Ghiotta: pepper slices, zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes cooked in the furnace with olive oil.

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